Scotland is one the finest mountain biking areas in the entire world.

Arguably the best of it lies in the Highlands of Scotland.

Always ensure that you are adequately trained and equipped to ride the trails you have chosen.

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  Abriachan Trails

This is a three mountain bike trail network set just north of Loch Ness. It does tend to be a more family orientated centre but has a fun obstacle course beside the main car park and a short 4 Km section of red graded trail.

There are a fair number of road crossings and to get from the green trail and obstacle course you need to change car parks (further down the access road) or cycle along the road to the blue and red trails.

At the return end of the circular blue run there is a “Jump Park” incorporating single and double jumps, table tops and berms.

All mountain bike trails except the red are a “footpath” style managed surface.

The Green is a very easy “family ride” style trail, the Blue is a small step up from the Green and the Red offers an undulating single track experience with a few minor obstacles.

Hardcore mountain bike riders would probably find this centre a bit tame but it is an ideal area for newcomers to get a taste of mountain biking in Scotland.