Scotland is one the finest mountain biking areas in the entire world.

Arguably the best of it lies in the Highlands of Scotland.

Always ensure that you are adequately trained and equipped to ride the trails you have chosen.

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   Laggan Wolftrax - Black Run  (6.4Km)

This run is seriously gnarly. So if long sweeping single track is your thing, then this isn’t for you!!

The mountain bike run is littered with rocky descents that often don’t have a smooth approach, so it’s not always possible to iron them out with a bit of speed.

The climb to the trail head is quite a long and twisty one with stone slab bog crossings and winding single track up hills. The views on the way up are stunning, but take them in now; you won’t have time on the way down!!

Don’t be put off by a slow first run as subsequent runs will get smoother as you learn the lines.

Don’t forget to look well ahead !!